Stakeholder Management Masterclass

Learn powerful techniques for working with
project stakeholders

When customer satisfaction scores on a project were 4 out of 10 and I turned them round to 9/10 that wasn’t magic. It wasn’t luck, or moving difficult people off the team so I could deal with the easier ones.

That success happened on purpose. It happened because I knew that stakeholder management needed a shake up. I knew how to play to my strengths and build successful relationships with the people who could help me get the project done. I worked with my team to improve what internal customers thought of our project. I improved how I communicated, broke down silos and focused on how we created connections with those affected by our project.

And that focus on stakeholder engagement worked.

But when you don’t have the approaches and techniques to build successful stakeholder relationships:

  • You’re stressed out by having to deal with conflicting priorities
  • Your projects take longer because no one will commit to anything
  • You’re blindsided by changes because no one told you they were coming
  • And in the end stakeholders are not happy with the results.
The good news is that you can develop all of those skills. When you are a Stakeholder Master you have the confidence to engage with project stakeholders. You gain authority and credibility. Your colleagues and stakeholders listen to you. People start to tell you things that affect your project without assuming you’ll find it out from somewhere else or don’t need to know. You have a clear engagement plan. And everything on the project starts coming together.

You can create great working relationships with stakeholders without it taking all your time!

My Stakeholder Management Masterclass will show you how.

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You'll develop the skills you need to engage people on your projects.

I have better knowledge of what to do and how to present to stakeholders. It was really informative to get an outside perspective. It’s got me so much further from where I was previously.”
Leah, previous course participant

This online course is for you if:

  • You can't get time with your stakeholders
  • You have stakeholders with conflicting priorities
  • Your stakeholders aren't engaged and they don't do what you need them to do
  • You know 'engagement' is the answer but you want to learn what that actually means and how to do it!

This online course is NOT for you if:

  • You are a total beginner in managing projects. We assume some level of knowledge about project management processes and the project environment.
  • You are adept at managing office politics
  • You are looking for a course on negotiating and influencing others. The techniques in this course will help you work effectively with others, but we don't cover those topics in depth
“Very helpful and timely. Provided the tools to flush out the pain points for the team. Gave me the confidence to challenge and lead the project and not be a passenger.”
Shana, previous course participant

More About Elizabeth Harrin

Hi, I'm Elizabeth!

Working with stakeholders used to worry me. This was partly because I had some sizeable projects at a young age and I was concerned about people thinking I didn’t have the gravitas to work with senior stakeholders.

I remember one manager telling me I should take up golf if I wanted to get on in the company, and another saying I should wear pearls to make me look older when dealing with certain stakeholders.

I’ve been working with project stakeholders for over 15 years and I've had my ups and downs with stakeholder engagement.

For a start, when I began managing projects it was all about ‘managing’ stakeholders and it took me a long time to realise that you can’t 'manage' people into being supportive about your project. It just doesn’t work.

They have to want you to be successful.

Successful stakeholder engagement means understanding what people want out of the project, how they feel about it, how that changes over time. And it requires regular check ins and planning.

Over time I’ve developed ways for me to work with my stakeholders that doesn’t feel cheesy or forced and that works. After all, it’s people who get projects done (or stopped). Not processes or documents.

I have 15 years of experience managing projects at all levels, including working overseas. I've written five books including Customer-Centric Project Management, which is all about stakeholder relationships. I'm the award-winning blogger behind I speak at international conferences. I mention this stuff not to blow my own trumpet but so that you know I've got a fair idea what I'm talking about!

Course Outline

I first ran this course live. It was a huge success, but, if I'm honest, priced outside of most people's range. Today I want to offer the same material, but in an affordable way.
In the course videos you might hear me refer to the students, and their particular issues, but there is NO live interaction as part of this course. You get access to the same material, and the benefit of listening to course Q&As. There is a ton of valuable stuff in here!

Session 1: Beyond The Stakeholder Register
  • What engagement is
  • Understanding who you are engaging
  • Understanding what you are engaging them in
  • Engagement techniques
  • How to tell if it is working

Session 2: How To Compete For Your Stakeholders' Time

  • Setting expectations
  • Dealing with lack of availability
  • Helping stakeholders stay organised
  • Managing stakeholder risk

Session 3: Gaining Authority and Getting Support

  • How to get taken seriously
  • Succeeding in your organisation's culture
  • Managing up
  • Building your profile
  • Your exit strategy

Session 4: Managing Conflict

  • Causes of conflict
  • Managing conflicting priorities
  • Conflict handling preferences and tips
  • Building credibility

Bonus Video 1: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Gain more confidence at work by identifying and eliminating the negative self-talk that manifests itself as Imposter Syndrome.

Bonus Video 2: How Being Customer-Centric Improves Project Success
Learn simple techniques for engaging with stakeholders on a regular basis, focusing on providing great customer service.

Bonus Video 3: Networking for Professional Development
Networking strategies that work! Tips for building a strong network within your workplace so that you always know who to approach when you hit a project issue.

There are additional templates and resources available inside the course members site.

Stakeholder Management Masterclass

Making workplace relationships easy

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